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Our company name was inspired by the “Mount Elbrus”, the highest peak (15,554 feet (4,741 meters) in Europe and one of the Seven Summits, the highest mountains on each of the seven continents.
Mount Elbrus lies on the geographical dividing line between Europe and Asia, but most geographers consider it to be the highest mountain in Europe. Mount Elbrus and the Caucasus Range also divide Russia from the Middle East to the south. 
The name of Mount Elbrus is derived from Alborz, which in turn comes from Harā Bərəzaitī, a mountain in Persian mythology. This translates to "High Sentinel." Elbrus also has other names in other languages including Mingi Tau which translates to “Eternal Mountain” or “Like a Thousand Mountains” in Turkic; Yalbuz or “Ice Mane” in Turkic; and Oshkhamakhua or “Mountain of Happiness” in Circassian.

We hope to be inspired by it and bring happiness to our customers with our services.
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