Our Prices


We have no set price structure for our web design services, as every assignment differs and each is tailored to our customer's needs. However, we can confidently say that, as a small design business with few overheads, our prices are very competitive and are flexible to suit the client.

We appreciate that with the huge number of companies offering web design it can be a difficult choice to find the right one, especially when prices vary so much, and the quality of service is not always apparent. So as a guideline, and to help you avoid wasting time with fruitless research;

Elbrus Solutions charge in the region of £500 for a very basic 8 to 10 page website.


Our graphic design service is based on a modern look, simplicity, intelligent approach, clearness and good taste.

We try to understand the client's needs, then research the marketing field of business, it's competitors, and try to find a unique and great looking solution.

Generally, our graphic design service is calculated in hours, which is £35 per hour. However, the fiscal calculations of a project depend on many factors. Some are outlined below.

Here are the most popular projects we usually deliver:

  • A logo £110 (2-3 versions + mood-map and research);
  • A business card £140;
  • Corporate design and company stationery £280-500
  • Brochures, newsletters and simple business literature £200.

All prices are negotiable and dependent on the type of project.

We provide many different solution. All we require from you is a clear project description, the target audience, a tentative budget and a rough timeline.

We can work from the very basics, or improve the existing company's design if needed.

If you require quality results, from a truly professional design service, and like what you see in our web/graphic design portfolio, then please contact us.


Our photographs come in high quality and present vibrant visual aesthetics. 

The prices for our photographic services are calculated per image, which starts as low as £5 and go up to £15. This option is for product photography that requires retouching afterwards. All prices are inclusive of this service.

If you have an event that needs to be photographed, or require a series of images, prices per project start from £30, as that is the hourly rate of our photographer who has a broad academic background, as well as experience of working within advertising.

Finally, for special and ongoing projects, we will calculate an individual price for you with special rates.

If you require a genuinely professional service and have any queries, then please contact us with your ideas for further discussion.